Red strawberries and green vegetables are just perfect now! Introducing foreign friends to the 'Licheng Strawberries' picking experience 2023-11-29 11:14:06

寒风悠悠方入冬,正是“菜”绿“莓”红时。11月25日,“乡村好时节·LET’S购”主题年“恣在历城、乐享唐王”首届白菜草莓文化旅游节在历城区唐王街道大白菜广场拉开帷幕。四方游客纷至沓来,品鉴唐王冬季特色农产品的“菜”绿“莓”红。历城区邀请了辖区高校山东建筑大学的留学生,来自斯里兰卡的YOHAN OSHADHA DE SILVA,JANIDU BODHAKA,JAYASINGHE ARACHCHIGHE HIRUN KAUMIKA,来自巴基斯坦的BEEBAGAR,来自孟加拉国的AHMED MD IMRAN,TUSHAR MD TANVIR EJAJ,来自摩洛哥的EL BHIRI MOUAD,HANAN ZAHEUR,来自贝宁的ADANSOKE SETONDJI VIANNEY,来自尼日利亚的NWAFOR SAMUEL CHUKWUEBUKA和来自利比里亚的QUAYE ENOCH BLESSING赴唐王采摘、品尝草莓,体验一场“草莓盛宴”。

As the cold wind gradually brings winter, it's the ideal season for'green' vegetables and'red' strawberries. On November 25th, the inaugural Licheng Cabbage and Strawberry Cultural Tourism Festival commenced at Da Baicai Square in Tangwang Street, Licheng District, under the theme'Rural Good Times · LET'S Shop' and'Leisure in Licheng, Enjoy Tang Wang.' Visitors from various places gathered to savor the unique winter agricultural products of Tangwang, including'green' vegetables and'red' strawberries.

Licheng District extended invitations to international students from Shandong Jianzhu University, among them YOHAN OSHADHA DE SILVA, JANIDU BODHAKA, JAYASINGHE ARACHCHIGHE HIRUN KAUMIKA from Sri Lanka, BEEBAGAR from Pakistan, AHMED MD IMRAN, TUSHAR MD TANVIR EJAJ from Bangladesh, EL BHIRI MOUAD, HANAN ZAHEUR from Morocco, ADANSOKE SETONDJI VIANNEY from Benin, NWAFOR SAMUEL CHUKWUEBUKA from Nigeria, and QUAYE ENOCH BLESSING from Liberia, to participate in strawberry picking and tasting, enjoying a'strawberry feast.'

留学生一行来到历城区唐王街道唐荷堂生态农场,现场体验了草莓采摘,在大棚内,面对不同品种的草莓,来自巴基斯坦的BEEBAGAR显得十分好奇,“之前我以为草莓只有一个种类,没想到会有这么多种,草莓的采摘体验也很棒,真是一次令人难忘的奇妙之旅。”而来自摩洛哥的EL BHIRI MOUAD表示,“我平时很少吃草莓,因为不喜欢酸味,但是今天尝到的却是很甜的草莓,这个味道再一次开发了我的味蕾,我想我又多了一种喜爱的水果。”EL BHIRI MOUAD一边采摘一边吃,忙得不亦乐乎。

A group of international students arrived at Tanghetang Ecological Farm in Tangwang Street, Licheng District, and experienced the delight of strawberry picking. Inside the greenhouse, encountering various strawberry varieties, BEEBAGAR from Pakistan displayed great curiosity. He remarked,'I used to think there was only one type of strawberry, but I'm amazed by the numerous varieties. The experience of picking strawberries is fantastic, truly an unforgettable journey.'On the other hand, EL BHIRI MOUAD from Morocco commented,'I rarely eat strawberries because I don't like the sour taste, but the strawberries I tasted today were very sweet. This flavor has awakened my taste buds once again, and I think I've found another fruit that I love.' EL BHIRI MOUAD enthusiastically indulged in picking and savoring strawberries, thoroughly relishing the experience.


Tangwang Street has long been known as the"homeland of Chinese cabbage" and has gradually developed into the largest strawberry production base in Shandong Province. In recent years, Tangwang Street has deeply implemented relevant policies of"one village, one product; one village, one industry; one village, one strategy." Through measures such as policy support, financial assistance, technical guidance, market development, and brand creation, it has been recognized as a"National Demonstration Village for One Village, One Product" and a"Town with a Rural Special Industry exceeding 10 billion yuan in 2022."By adopting a collaborative model involving the government, research institutions, leading enterprises, village collectives, and farmers, Tangwang Street has vigorously developed rural industries. They have identified key areas for increasing village income, taken multiple measures to boost village collective income, promoted rural revitalization, and achieved common prosperity.